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    Mary I

    Queen Mary I was born on the 18th February 1516. She was the daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon.
    She was the fourth of the Tudor Monarchs and was placed on the throne following the death of her half brother King Edward VI, she was the first queen to rule through her own right as all previous queens had been so through their marriage to a king.

    Like her mother, Catherine of Aragon, Mary was a devout Catholic and began a reintroduction of the Roman Catholic faith upon her ascesion to the throne. During her reign over 300 protestants were excecuted as they contravined the reintroduced Heresy Laws (namely to follow a different religion to the Sovereign). Through her execution of accused heretics she earnt the nickname ‘Bloody Mary’.

    Mary was eager to marry and have children to secure a catholic heir. She married Philip, King of Spain in 1554, this made Mary very unpopular with her subjects. The marriage was childless and Mary spent much of her time without her husband by her side.

    Mary passed away on 17th November 1558, it is believed that the cause of her death was cancer. As Mary had bourne no children the throne was passed to her half sister Elizabeth.

    Marys reign lasted for 5 years and 121 days.

    Other titles held by Queen Mary I:

    Queen Consort of Naples ~ 25th July 1554 – 17th November 1558
    Duchess Consort of Milan ~ 25th July 1554 – 17th November 1558
    Queen Consort of Castille and Leon ~ 16th January 1556 – 17th November 1558
    Queeon Consort of Aragon, Majorca, Valencia and Sicily ~ 16th January 1556 – 17th November 1558
    Countess of Barcelona ~ 16th January 1556 – 17th November 1558
    Consort to the Monarch of the Seventeen Provinces of the Spanish Netherlands ~ 16th January 1556 – 17th November 1558