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    Henry VII

    Henry Tudor was born at Pembroke Castle, Wales on 28th January 1457. Son of Edmund Tudor, 1st Earl of Richmond and Lady Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby and Queen of Mann.
    Henry Tudor was of the House of Lancaster which along with the House of York were rival branches of the Royal House of Plantagenet. The civil conflict between these two houses was named the War of the Roses on account of the House of Lancasters Emblem was the Red Rose and the House of York was the White Rose. There were many battles during The War of the Roses which were fought sporadically between 1455 and 1485.
    Henry became King following his victory over Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. This is when the Tudor Dynasty began.
    Henrys claim to the English Throne was not the strongest. His Father was of Welsh Royal Lineage and his mother a descendant of Edward III. Henrys marriage to Elizabeth of York on 18th January 1486 united the Houses of York & Lancaster and gave a stronger claim to the throne for any heirs that they produced.
    Henrys reign lasted 23 years and 242 days during that time he restored Political Stability within England and also restored the fortunes of the exchequer (the treasury was emptied following Edward IV’s death and prior to the accession of Richard III).
    Henry’s main policies were to create economic prosperity within the realm and to maintain peace. He succeeeded on both policies.
    King Henry VII died on 21st April 1509 and was succeeded by his second son; King Henry VIII. At the time of his death King Henry VII’s fortune was estimated to be £1.25 million (approximately £648 million in 2011).
    Titles held by King Henry VII:

    The Earl of Richmond – Up to 1485.

    His Highness The King of England and France, Lord of Ireland – From 22 August 1485 to 21 April 1509.
    Henrys full title as King was: “Henry, by the Grace of God, King of England, France and Lord of Ireland”.